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How do you get rich in Ancient Greece? Well, step one, become an oracle. Step two:


The elites and nobles of Ancient Greece would often pay Diogenes with grapes or bread in exchange for his wisdom.

It's food for thought.

A Guy Walks Into A Tailor In Ancient Greece

He tosses a toga onto the counter. The tailor picks it up, turns it over and finds a gash across the waist.

The tailor looks up at the man and says, "Euripides?"

The man nods and says, "Yeah. Eumenides?"

I saw a 2000 year old oil stain.

It was from ancient Greece.

It's Ancient Greece and a playwright goes to a tailor to have his clothes fixed.

The tailor looks at the clothes and says ah, Euripides

The man looks at the tailor and says yes. Eumenides?

Did you know that in ancient Greece, Hippasus was exiled for discovering that some numbers could not be described with simple whole numbers or fractions?

How irrational.

A brief history of Ancient Greek culture

Greece before Alexander the Great: Kinda nistic.

Greece after Alexander the Great: Hella nistic.

I wonder if, in Ancient Greece,

Lighting strikes were considered an "Act of God" by insurance companies.

Why was Hippocrates the most popular doctor in Ancient Greece?

He has a great sense of humors.

Why did the Persians invade ancient Greece?

They were looking for weapons of math destruction.

I'll see myself out.

What would you call a mechanic on Ancient Greece?


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In Ancient Greece

It was Gods Playin' Gods Playin'

In ancient Greece, athletes had sex with their trainers to show respect.

Someone should tell Larry Nassar this isn't ancient Greece.

There was once a time when being a politician was a respected profession...

...and this was during the times of Ancient Greece.

You know those buildings in ancient Greece with all those pillars?

I think they column pavilions.

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