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Sir John Harrington, the inventor of the flush toilet, is well remembered for two reasons.

Number 1 and Number 2
(Note: Ancient civilizations like the Mesopotamians and Minoans can also lay claim to inventing flush toilets too, I guess)

What ancient civilization had the best tattoos?

The Ink-ans

A politician in an ancient civilization...

He'll only just babble on.

What do ancient civilizations and lettuce recalls have in common?

The fall of the Romaine empire.

What is the best thing that happened to you?

As a kid I always dreamt of travelling the world, learn about other cultures and write my own book. When my father passed away he left me enough money to do so. I decided it was time to fulfill my dream.
One place my journey took me to was an island with an ancient tribe living on it that was almost untouched by western civilization. I decided to dedicate one chapter in my book to this tribe. It took me months to learn their language, but I finally managed to interview one of the natives.
"What was the best thing that has happened to you here?" I asked.
-"One time" he said, "a girl got lost in the jungle. When we found her the chief let everyone of us have s**... with her as a reward."
Of course I couldn't write that down, so I asked: "Is that really the best thing that happened to you?!"
-"Well, now that you mention it: One day TWO girls got lost in the jungle. When we found them, everyone was allowed to have s**... with them."
I realized I'm not getting anywhere with this question, so I asked him:
"Ok, what was the worst thing that has happened to you?"
He looked down.
"You see... one time, I got lost in the jungle."

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