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If you find $60-80 to be too expensive for ancestry DNA kits, I have a cheap alternative...

Announce that you won the lottery and you'll quickly find relatives you never knew you had!

I did an family history today and found out that my great grandfather helped Rosa Parks initiate the civil rights movement

He was the guy who said, "Get up, that's my seat."

I'm 1/16th Cherokee...

Not by ancestry, but because I got into a terrible accident in my Jeep and the doctors were unable to remove all the shrapnel.


Where Ancestry and eHarmony are the same website.

An Alabaman is finding his ancestry on a website, but can't get to their site...

Getting frustrated, he calls his wife over.

Sighing, she says, "It starts with an A, not an I, bro."

If you factor in Trumps ancestry, his policies make perfect sense.

The German side says "Build a wall!"

The Scottish side says "Well im not paying for it!"

A white nationalist walks into a bar.

He sits sullenly at the bar amidst a sea of minorities and sighs heavily. The bartender comes around and asks what he can get for him.

The white nationalist replies: "Can I get a country where I can live among people from my own ancestry? It is like this nation isn't even mine anymore. We have people coming in from God knows where to do God knows what. I am not a racist, I am just fed up with all of these different people coming in with their own customs. Why don't they stay in their country?"

Before the bartender could reply, a Native American patron spoke up: "Please cancel that whiskey. I will have what he is having!"

What do you call someone with no German ancestry?

Guten free.

What do you call a person with native american ancestry and alopecia?


What does someone refer to themselves as when they have some Jewish ancestry?


I wanted to learn more about my ancestry so I registered with a company online and sent them my DNA sample

Two weeks later I got a letter saying the sample cup was for saliva.

How many Virginians does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

13. One to screw it in, and 12 to talk about the lightbulb's ancestry.

I visited an ancestry website and was shocked to learn I'm related to my girlfriend's ex-husband.

It said we are Eskimo brothers.

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