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In the past

Russian scientists dug 1000 mtr deep and found a copper wire.
They concluded:
1000 yrs back our ancestors were using copper cable technology ..

American scientists dug 2000 mtr deep and found optic fibre.
They concluded:
2000 yrs back our ancestors were using optic fibre technolgy ..

Indian scientist dug and found nothing. They concluded our ancestors were using Wireless Technology.!

Last Names.

It's commonly known that a lot of last names originate from an ancestor's profession, or what they were known for, hundreds of years ago.
If your last name is Smith, it's likely one of your ancestors was a blacksmith.
If your last name is Cooper, they may have been a cooper, who were known for making barrels.
If your last name is Dickinson I wouldn't delve too deep into your family history.

What do you call Goldilock's ancestors?

The forebears

two guys were talking about their ancestors

One guy said
"My great grandfather was in a concentration camp when he died when he tried to escape"
"that's funny" said the other guy
"whys that?" questioned the other
"my great grandad was killed when he fell out of a guard tower onto an escaping prisoner."

jokes about ancestors

Asked my black friend if he wanted to go on a cruise..

I just asked my black friend if he wanted to go on a cruise this summer. He said his ancestors made that same mistake and he's not falling for it.

Rihanna says that whips and chains excite her...

I wonder if her ancestors felt the same

Caveman Diet

My wife put me on the cave man diet. She says that like our ancestors, we can only eat things you would gather or catch. After about six weeks of this, I've come to the conclusion, I can catch a pizza guy.

Ancestors joke, Caveman Diet

I decided to make a website so rednecks can find out and track who their ancestors were...

I named it Incestry

One of my ancestors invented the glove

Well, he had a hand in it

I Asked My Black Friend If He Wanted to Go on a Cruise with me.

He said that his ancestors made that same mistake and that he's not falling for it.

They say that a person's surname is named after whatever their ancestors did to make a living

I feel sorry for the guy who's dad was the first person to be called "Dickinson"

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If our last names came from the jobs of our ancestors...

Then I feel really bad for the boys of the "Dickinson" family tree.

Elephant genealogy

First elephant: "I hear you've been trying to trace your ancestors on the internet.

Second elephant: "Yes, and it's a mammoth task.

A little girl asks her father where people came from.

He explained about Adam and Eve and they were our original ancestors and they had babies and that's where we came from.

Later that day the girl asked her Mom who explained that their ancestors were monkeys and apes and humans evolved from the monkeys. "So, our relatives are monkeys?" "That's right, dear"

Now the little girl was angry and stomped into the living room to see her Dad and told him what her Mom said. "You lied to me!" the little girl shouted at him.

No I didn't honey. Your Mom was talking about her side of the family

I am pretty sure I don't have any chinese ancestors...

but I could be Wong.

What do you call one of our ancestors who wavers home drunk?


Ancestors joke, What do you call one of our ancestors who wavers home drunk?

Today is the 1st day of the Hungry Ghosts Festival, but it rained all day so they weren't able to burn joss papers

Needless to say, the ancestors were rather incensed.

I got fired from PC World today.

A guy came in the store and asked me what was the best thing for finding your ancestors.

Probably a shovel was not the right answer.

I wonder how long our ancestors managed to live with no shelter...

before they caved

Did you know one of Kirk Hammet's ancestors was a Confederate general in the Civil War?

His name was StoneWah Jackson.

People who constantly brag about their ancestors are like potatoes;

The only good part is underground.

Note: I heard this one in Bulgaria.

I think the ancestors of my family may have been British...

...I can spark up a conversation about bad weather faster than any other topic.

Our ancestors would be so jealous of modern dryers' lint traps

They had to get by on whatever they could capture in their belly buttons


You can't live with em', can't live without em'

Many surnames come from the job people's ancestors used to have. For example, the Smith family were related to a smith, the Baker family were related to a baker and then there's the Dickinson family...

Who were related to people from Alabama.

My white friend told me he had Italian Ancestors..

I said, "Don't be Sicily"

Ancestors joke, My white friend told me he had Italian Ancestors..

TIL - Last names came from our ancestors occupations

I feel really sorry for the Dickenson's.........

I feel sorry for Neymar's ancestors after today's loss

They must be rolling in their graves.

Not mine but felt it had to be shared.

I tried ayahuasca and saw my ancestors

My grandfather beat me with his belt because i did drugs

I was talking to a German in English the other week, but he was struggling to understand me.

Although he wouldn't have had a problem if his ancestors had fought a bit harder

What do you call your ancestors if they were siblings?


There are no ancestors in Alabama

Only insestors

In class we learned that last names were determined by what your ancestors did

So I always made sure I kept my distance from my teacher Mr Dickinson

Why did our ancestors use fire?

because fireworks

Did you ever wonder...

how many animals our ancestors had to sit on before they learned that horses were the most capable?

Some surnames are professions, like Smith. Some refer to ancestors, like Johnson.

Thing is, I've never met a Dickin before.

Student 1: My name is Tom Archer because my ancestors were making bows and arrows.

Student 2: My name is Sam Baker because my forefathers were bakers.

Student 3: My name is John Dickinson, and I hate this game.

I wanted to find out more about my ancestors so I did a little digging and... thrown out of the cemetery.

My English friend was shocked to find out that his ancestors came from Transylvania.

Now he can't even look at himself in the mirror.

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