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Annoyed by the professor of anatomy

who liked to tell "naughty" stories during class, a group of female students decided that the next time he started to tell one, they would all rise and leave the room in protest. The professor, however, got wind of their scheme just before class the following day, so he bided his time. Then, halfway through the lecture, he began. "They say there is quite a shortage of prostitutes in France." The girls looked at one another, arose and started for the door. "Young ladies," said the professor with a broad smile, "the next plane doesn't leave till tomorrow afternoon."

A professor gives his psychology class a pop quiz. . .

One question he asks is, "What part of the human anatomy may expand up to ten times under certain circumstances?" He picks a rather overdressed girl in the front row to answer it. "Miss Callahan!" The indicated girl, who heard the question, stammers with some embarrassment: "Professor, I'd rather not answer that question." The professor says, "That's all right, Miss Callahan, you don't need to answer it. Is there anyone present who can answer it?" He notes an interested face in the back of the classroom. "Mr. Hawkins!" Hawkins says, "Yes, Professor, it is the pupil of the eye that may expand to ten times." The professor says, "That is correct, Mr. Hawkins." Then he turns to Miss Callahan. He says, "Young lady, two things are obvious from your reaction to this question. One, you haven't studied this week's assignment; and Two, I'm afraid marriage is going to be a tremendous disappointment to you."

Male and female anatomy are not similar

There's a vas deferens

How do you know genital anatomy was designed by an idiot?

No one else would put the bathroom right next to the snack bar.

jokes about anatomy

A common misconception on the male anatomy

While many people believe that the male ejaculatory ducts and epididymis are essentially the same structure, there's actually a *Vas Deferens* between the two!

Little Johnny and two penises.

Little Johnny went to school and the teacher was teaching human anatomy. She pointed to the private part of a male and asked her class if anyone knew what it was.

Little Johnny raised his hand: "I do, I do! and my daddy has two of them!" Teacher was puzzled.

"My daddy has a small one to pee with and a long one to brush my mom's teeth with!"

What's the favorite at the school for the blind?

anatomy (they use the Braille method there)

Anatomy joke, What's the favorite at the school for the blind?

Anatomy joke

What muscle is most responsible for lateral rotation of the neck?

The gluteus maximus

You might think a man's anatomy is quite similar to a woman's....

But there's a vas deferens.

What do you call a talk on male anatomy?

A semenar

What is the most sensitive part of a mans anatomy while he's masturbating?

His ears.

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In the middle ages, it didn't take long to learn human anatomy.

You could learn it all with one knight and a scalpel.

After failing my first 2 exams, I just got an A on my third Anatomy exam...

the answers were inside me the entire time

I'm studying human anatomy.

It's a polite way of saying, "I'm watching people".

I've studied Basic Human Anatomy so much

I know it like the back of my hand.

What is a cannibal's favourite TV Show?

Graze Anatomy.

Anatomy joke, What is a cannibal's favourite TV Show?

Why do lions have sharp teeth?

So they can graze anatomy.

What language is anatomy in?

Body language.

An old lady, after a long life of loss and agony, was going to commit suicide by shooting herself in the heart with a crossbow. She researched human anatomy and learned her heart was just under her left breast.....

She was just admitted to the ER with an arrow to the knee.

I took a semester of female anatomy classes in Spain...

I studied abroad

What is the most sensitive part of a man's anatomy while he is masturbating?

His ears

An anatomy teacher was teaching the basics of male biology...

An anatomy teacher was teaching the basics of male biology to her class. She explained what the urethra and testicles are to her class, when a student raised his hand and said,

"I thought that the urethra and testicles were just two different terms describing the same thing?"

The teacher responded,

"No, that's not correct. There's a vas deferens between the two."

Years ago, I decided I wanted to be a doctor

Years ago, I decided I wanted to be a doctor,
so I took the entrance exam to go to medical

One of the many questions on human anatomy
asked was to rearrange the letters PNEIS" into
the name of "an important human body part which
is most useful when erect."

Those who answered "spine" are now doctors

The rest of us are posting jokes on social media.

What would you call a TV show about a murderous doctor?

"Dexter's Anatomy"

What counts as an insult and also as a sickening adaptation of human anatomy for the purpose of illumination?


I was going to give my friend books of jokes on the anatomy of plants

But I haven't botany yet

Anatomy joke, I was going to give my friend books of jokes on the anatomy of plants

Penises are an important part of human culture and anatomy and must be honoured

I suggest we erect a statue

I just signed up for the new college course about the effects of drinking soda on the body.

Anatomy and fizzyology.

What's a cows favorite Tv drama?

Graze Anatomy

Time for Saudi Jokes?

Who knew Dexter was a Muslim?

Who knew Dexter was #1 show in the Kingdom?

Why are Saudi Drs so good? In their Anatomy class they use living cadavers.


Yo Momma

Yo momma so fat, Rick Sanchez did not have to shrink himself to create an anatomy park inside her body.

Why do cows have four stomachs?

Graze anatomy

How does an executioner with no knowledge of human anatomy shoot someone through the heart?

Guess and check

What's Anastasia Steele's favorite TV show?

Grey's Anatomy.

Why didn't the human anatomy professor tell her students they dissected the wrong body?

... She didn't have the heart to tell them.

I've been looking into the differences between propeller mechanics and human anatomy lately;

And I've gotta say: I'm not a fan.

Guy: Anatomy shouldn't be taught by women

Woman: Don't objectify women!

Guy: Ok. Women shouldn't teach anatomy

The kids don't know the difference between castration and a vasectomy.

True story:

Fellow teacher in the lounge during lunch: They have no knowledge of basic human anatomy. They thought that getting a vasectomy meant having your balls chopped off.

Me: When it comes to the difference between castration and a vasectomy, there is a vas deferens.

Thanks Reddit for letting me steal a joke and use it on the wild.

Is there a big difference between male and female anatomy?

Yes, there is a vas deferens.

Made my first dad joke as a dad

I went to the doctor who asked me what the problem was.

Me: I have this pain in my ass
Dr: Oh yeah, what's the problem
Me: We'll she's always hogging the remote to watch Grey's Anatomy
Dr: 😒

OC - What's the binge show of choice for chubby pre-med cows

Graze Anatomy

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