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I want anarchy

Because my keyboard is missing one.

Anarchy is bad for you.

So there's two guys at a bar and the first one says
##So, how's it been going with your anarchist club recently?
###I got kicked out recently, sadly.
##Kicked out? Why?
###I don't know, I was just following the rules!

What's the key to destruction?


Burger King: Have It Your Way!

Burger Dictatorship: Have it My Way!
Burger Communism: Have it Everyone's Way!
Burger Capitalism: Have it Your Way For a Steep Price Hike!
Burger Oligarchy: 1% Have it Their Way!
Burger Democracy: Have Something Your Way!
Burger Anarchy: Don't Have It!

Why did the anarchy club disband?

Their meetings were always full of disorder and chaos.

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