Anarchists Jokes

What are some Anarchists jokes?

Why do Anarchists only drink herbal tea?

Because all proper tea is theft.

What happens to male anarchists as they get older?

They go from having anti-state issues to having prostate issues.

What type of cancer do anarchists hate the most?

Prostate cancer

Why don't anarchists drink green tea?

Because it helps fight free radicals.

Why are dogs so good at finding anarchists?

They are great at tracking dissent.

Why don't anarchists accept the metric system?

They refuse to have liters.

How do anarchists exercise?

They squat.

Why do anarchists smell so bad?

Because they're *revolting*

An Anarchist hangover

I'd say being hungover is confusing for Anarchists, they're in an absolute state, but can't accept it's legitimacy

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