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An engineer and an anti-vaxxer were walking through the woods.

An engineer and an anti-vaxxer were walking through the woods when they came upon a bridge across a crocodile infested river.

The anti-vaxxer asked the engineer "What are the odds of us making it across that bridge safely?" The engineer took out his calculator and his tape measure, did a structural analysis and said "99.97% chance we'll make it across that bridge safely.

The anti-vaxxer responded, without even thinking "Forget that, I'm swimming!"


It takes the y out of analysis.

An objective analysis of the correlation between genetics and obesity.

A doctor is telling an obese woman that she needs to start losing weight.

The woman, offended, replies defensively, "It's not my fault! Obesity runs in my family!"

The doctor looks her up and down, and finally says, "*Nobody* runs in your family."

Analysis joke, An objective analysis of the correlation between genetics and obesity.

If hydrolysis is splitting things with water and electrolysis is splitting things with electricity...

... What is analysis?

What do you get when you remove the Y from analysis.


I'm going to open a building that functions as a sperm bank as well as a urine analysis center.

It'll be called "coming or going".

If lysis means rupture...

then I would hate to attend the analysis meetings scheduled for tomorrow

Analysis joke, If lysis means rupture...

Why don't we use some Fourier Analysis on our relationship

And reduce to a series of periodic functions.

Doctor, doctor! I'm scared of Santa!

after much analysis, the doctor responds: Duh! you're obviously suffering from Claus-trophobia!

(Meta) It's time we talk about something

Physical, Morphism, Bolic, Centric, Nephros, Stasize, Genesis, Analysis, lloidal, Thoracic, Llurgist, L...

A basic chick was conducting a statistical analysis and believed she'd found a correlation.

Turns out it was just confirmation bi-YAAASSSSSS.

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My sexual experimentation hasn't stood up to meta analysis...

It wasn't double blinded and gagged

Digital Marketing Companion-digital marketing courses

Digital Marketing is an intuitive concept and indeed a fantastic way to tap the market intelligently with the strategic analysis of the same.

What does Spinach and Analysis Sex have in common? (nsfw)

If you are forced to have it as a child, you will not enjoy it as an adult.

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