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Funniest Analogy Short Jokes

Short analogy jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The analogy humour may include short metaphor jokes also.

  1. Someone once said I was bad at analogies... I said to them "that's like saying I'm bad at analogies."
  2. I asked my proctologist if it's okay for me to use euphemisms... He said analogies would be better.
  3. Hey, do you like analogies? I got plenty! I got analogy to rabbits, analogy to grass, analogy to mold...
  4. A good analogy is like a box of chocolates- you never know when you're going to get a mixed metaphor.
  5. Teacher: Ok class, can anyone tell me what 'analogy' is? Student: Analogy is something that makes you sneeze.
  6. Every time I come up with a new metaphor it makes me sneeze. It really sets off my analogies.
  7. Making an analogy that references itself is like good word play. You don't do it anytime you want. You have to have a good reason to go metaphor.
  8. Psychiatrist office: My sister treats me like Lucy treats Linus. The psychiatrist thinks for a moment and says, Sounds like you have analogy to Peanuts.
  9. Did you hear about that proctologist who became an English teacher? Did you hear about the proctologist who became and English teacher? He specializes in teaching analogies.
  10. Reforming FIFA analogy-1 Reforming FIFA by Sep Blatter is like reforming Tax for wealthy people by Donald Trump

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Analogy One Liners

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  1. Why is proctology called proctology? Because analogy was already taken.
  2. What did the digital clock say to the analog clock? Look, no hands!
  3. What was the pornstar doing in school? Analogy
  4. Analogies are like ham sandwiches. I am currently making one.
  5. Jedi Knights love analogies. "Metaphors be with you!"
  6. What do Jedi Knights say to encourage the use of analogies? "Metaphors be with you."
  7. Making a good analogy is as hard as... Hmm...
  8. Analogies Are like bagels on a trampoline: They don't always work.
  9. Don't try using analogies to argue with others. It's like trying to teach a pigeon chess.
  10. Bad analogy is like an incomplete sentence,
  11. What did the male digital signal ask a female digital signal? Do you do ANALog?
  12. Here's an analogy paper is to rock as dad is to me
  13. Electronic Arts should release physical analog day planners. DLC for Months.
  14. My analogies are kind of like plummers they usually don't work wells
  15. Car analogies are the Toyota Corollas of linguistic comparisons.

Analogy joke, Car analogies

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Explaining a joke is like dissecting a frog.

You understand it better, but it dies in the process.
See what I did there was use the frog as an analogy to show that exposing the inner workings of a joke would essentially deprive it of its life in that it's not funny anymore. I'm drawing a parallel (and so is E. B. White) to how you basically kill a frog when dissecting it to better understand the functioning of its inner body parts, since there is now little left in the joke to laugh at.

A joke is like a frog..

When you dissect it, it dies.
Get it? Just like a frog dies when you dissect it, so does a joke when you explain it.
Basically, the frog is used as an analogy, to help people understand that jokes shouldn't be explained, because the joke will die, or more specifically, become unfunny. So, just like when a frog dies when you dissect it, so does a joke when you dissect, or explain it.

How did the s**... Ed teacher explain buttsex to her students?

She used an analogy

When I told my therapist about being unhappy, he said, "When it comes to happiness, a good analogy is a 3D-printer."

"Oh," I said, "You mean that I should make my own happiness?"
"No," he said. "I meant, most people don't have it, and many don't even know what it is."


I think the best analogy for where we are right now is that America is Elvis Presley -- the most beautiful, talented, rebellious nation in the history of Earth. And now, you're in your Vegas years. You've squeezed yourself into a white jumpsuit, you're wheezing your way through 'Love Me Tender' and you might be about to pass away bloated on the toilet. But you're still the King.

Someone once asked me to describe my s**... life using an analogy. I compared it to an amoeba.

Because I reproduce alone :(

Making a Good Analogy is as Hard as...

As hard as... As hard as...

When using the baseball analogy what is an inside-the-park home run?

Having s**... while she's asleep. You gotta be quick

I was sorry to hear I'd failed the analogy course...

It hit me like a length of ham

I'm disappointed to say I failed my analogy course

It hit me like a length of ham

Analogy joke, I'm disappointed to say I failed my analogy course