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The Best jokes about Analogue

I went to my local watch shop

I went to my local watch shop and said, I'd like to buy a watch please.


No thanks, I'll just take the watch.

My friend told me that for minimal lag i should use an analogue connection instead of Bluetooth for my speaker system....

Sound advice.

I've been learning to read an analogue clock

I've recently started, so far I can only tell 6:30 on an analogue clock but I've got that position hands down.

Getting directions from Donald Trump is a lot like checking the hour on an analogue clock

Always pay attention to where the little hand is pointing

I went to by a watch the other day, and the man in the shop said "analogue?"

I said, "No, just a watch, thanks."

Who knows how to tell when it's midnight on an analogue clock?

Hands up.

A Man Goes to The Watchmaker's

A man goes to the watchmaker's because his old watch broke. The man says to the clerk, "I need a new watch."
"Analogue?" the clerk asks.
"No, just the watch will be fine, thank you."

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