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The Best jokes about Analogies

Someone once said I was bad at analogies...

I said to them "that's like saying I'm bad at analogies."

Analogies are like masturbation

I'm finishing both right now.

My hayfever makes me sneeze like my dairy intolerance makes me fart.

I hate my analogies.

Jedi Knights love analogies.

"Metaphors be with you!"

Hey, do you like analogies? I got plenty!

I got analogy to rabbits, analogy to grass, analogy to mold...

What do Jedi Knights say to encourage the use of analogies?

"Metaphors be with you."

Analogies Are like bagels on a trampoline:

They don't always work.

Every time I come up with a new metaphor it makes me sneeze.

It really sets off my analogies.

Don't try using analogies to argue with others.

It's like trying to teach a pigeon chess.

Did you hear about that proctologist who became an English teacher?

Did you hear about the proctologist who became and English teacher? He specializes in teaching analogies.

My analogies are kind of like plummers

they usually don't work wells

I'm about as good at making analogies as a.....

...what you call it? You know, the thing with the thing.

Car analogies

are the Toyota Corollas of linguistic comparisons.

My analogies are like the world's best crafted poems


I'm like a goat...

in that I can't do analogies nor comprahend the english language very wel.

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