Analog Jokes

The definition of an analog joke is that it is a joke about an analog clock or the concept of analog. In this article, we explore the mathematics behind and the concepts of analog and digitally, related to sapiens. Learn the difference between an analog and digital joke, and get laughs from your friends!

Howlingly Hilarious Analog Jokes for All Ages to Enjoy

What did the digital clock say to the analog clock?

Look, no hands!

Analogies are like masturbation

I'm finishing both right now.

Analogies are like ham sandwiches.

I am currently making one.

Just had my first ever prostate check. My doctor said it's called a digital rectal exam.

Felt more like it was anal-og to me though.

Analogies Are like bagels on a trampoline:

They don't always work.

Don't try using analogies to argue with others.

It's like trying to teach a pigeon chess.

What did the male digital signal ask a female digital signal?

Do you do ANALog?

Analog joke, What did the male digital signal ask a female digital signal?

Here's an analogy

paper is to rock as dad is to me

Electronic Arts should release physical analog day planners.

DLC for Months.

My analogies are kind of like plummers

they usually don't work wells

You know you're an engineer when....

You hear 4-20 and think they're talking about an analog current input

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My analogies are like the world's best crafted poems


What did the analogic clock said after the police told him to put his arms up?


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