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Michael Phelps is such a good swimmer...

He was conceived anally

What is worse than finding a bug in your salad?

Getting anally raped by a rhinoceros.

Alien abduction

Harry, Bill, and Steve are siting at the corner bar, when Ted walks in looking distressed. "Ted, you look awful. What's wrong?" Harry asks.
Ted says, "Last night I got really drunk and was abducted by an alien." Everyone is shocked. Bill asks, "What did the alien do to you?" "All I remember is being anally probed." Ted says. Everyone is horrified. "I heard that they'll do that." Says Harry. "What did the alien look like?" Ted responds, "Steve."

As a gay male, just once, I wish someone would ask me how I like my coffee.

Them: Hey, how do you like your coffee?

Me: Like I love my men!

Them: Oh, Black?

Me: No, anally!

What did the alien say after anally probing the earthling?

I come in peace.

My doctor told me that I might be anally retentive

which is funny because I've been crapping like clockwork lately.

I like my women like I like my prescription medications

purchased on the street and inserted anally.

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