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What did Anakin order from the Italian bakery?

Only one cannoli.

So, Anakin thought Padme was cheating with Obi Wan.

It seems he found her lack of faithfulness disturbing

What did Anakin give to Padme for christmas?


Anakin joke, What did Anakin give to Padme for christmas?

Why did Anakin kill all the younglings?

To get to the other side.

What's Anakin Skywalker's favorite beer?

Yeungling. He can kill off a 12-pack by himself.

What does Darth Vader identify as on Tumblr?


Why did Obi Wan not kill Anakin when he had the chance?

Because Anakin was ... unarmed.

Anakin joke, Why did Obi Wan not kill Anakin when he had the chance?

What would Anakin Skywalker's sith name be, if Luke was black?

Dearth Vader

How do you call Anakin Skywalker's padawan after getting tased by enemy?

A shocked Tano.

What did Mexican Anakin say when he heard about the Catholic Priest sex scandals?

Now *this* is Padre sin!

I named my cargo ship "Anakin Seawalker."

It's destined to bring ballast to the ports.

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What do you call a man with no arms and no legs inside a volcano?

Anakin Skywalker.

(Happy Geek Pride Day!)

In Episode III, why did Obi Wan not finish Anakin off after their duel?

Because Anakin was unarmed.

Why did Vader (Anakin) finally rebelled against the Emperor?

In Episode 3, he helped carry out Order 66 to kill all Jedi.
In Episode 4, he helped carry out Order 67 to destroy Alderaan.
In Episode 5, he helped carry out Order 68 to destroy rebel base on Hoth.
In Episode 6.... the Emperor was just too old and nasty for Vader to carry out Order 69.

What did Anakin say to Padme right before they had sex?

Let's see those Naboobies.

What did Anakin see when he walked in on his master unannounced?

Obi wankin' Obi

Anakin joke, What did Anakin see when he walked in on his master unannounced?

What's Anakin Skywalker's favorite beer?


If Anakin lost a limb in II and Luke lost a limb in V, then in VIII

Rey WILL NOT lose a limb, because she already lost a Han.

What bar will Anakin Skywalker never be at?

The sandbar.

What song does Anakin Skywalker hate the most?

Darude - sandstorm

Why does Anakin dislike Spongebob Squarepants?

He finds Sandy course and irritating.

Obi wan and Anakin had a fight

Obi wan.

Coz Anakin was panakin'

What does Anakin do when Luke doesn't eat his vegetables?

He force-feeds him

Who would win in a fight, Ling Xiaoyu or Anakin Skywalker?

Depends on how old Ling is, if Ling were an adult she would destroy Anakin, but Anakin would kill a young Ling.

What did the skywalkers lose

Anakin lost Hands
Luke lost Hand
Leia lost Han

What's Anakin Skywalker's least favorite bar?

A sand bar.

How did Anakin find the Sand People?

He used his Tusken Radar.

My son Anakin loves that I named all of our children after Star Wars characters

My daughter Chewbacca, however, is less thrilled.

Why did Anakin Skywalker cross the road?

-To get to the Dark Side.

What did Obi-Wan Kenobi say when he heard Anakin had joined the dark side?


"Well, Sith happens"

How many Anikin Skywalkers does it take to change a light bulb?

Well, one. But he chose to embrace the power of the dark side.

*Anakin. My bad.

Why does Anakin always move in a URM? (Uniform rectilinear motion)

Because he brought balance to the force.

Actor playing Anakin Skywalker asks, "who's going to be in the scene where I lose all my limbs?"

The director says, "just You an' McGregor."

What is Tumblr's favourite Starwars character?

Ana-kin Cisguy-walker.

What did Yoda say to Anakin on his wedding day?

May divorce be with you.

In Australia, Anakin technically has the high ground.

I will show myself out.

What is Anakin doing in Disneyland?

Killing children

Why couldn't Anakin pay for dinner?

His Master card was denied.

Why doesn't Anakin Skywalker play Undertale?

He doesn't like Sans.

Why did Anakin slaughter all those kids?

Because they couldn't stop talking about how Fornite is Game of The Year.

How does Anakin Skywalker check his mail?

He uses a C3 PO Box

palpatine told Anakin....

we don't need the Light we'll Live on the darkside I see it lets feel it While Your still young and Fearless

Anakin: Im letting go of the light Falling to the dark side

Who is Anakin Skywalker's adopted daughter?

Yung Ling

In Star Wars Episode I, we learn

That Anakin Skywalker has no father, the midichlorians caused his birth.

I guess his mom was forced into it.

Why did Anakin Skywalker hate bed time?

Because that's when the sandman came.

And not just the sand man but the sand woman and and children too

Why does Anakin Skywalker only pay with cash?

He doesn't have a Mastercard.

What is Anakin Skywalkers favorite beer to kill in one sitting?


What is Anakin Skywalker's favorite baseball team?

The Padres!

Why couldn't Anakin Skywalker pay for dinner?

Because his master card got denied.

Two things that never get old:

1. Jokes about Anakin killing the younglings
2. The younglings

Why didn't Anakin get a discount ?

Because he didn't have his master card

So if Ani is short for Anakin, and Ben is short for Obi-Wan... and Fives is short for CT-27-5555... and Artoo is short for R2D2... and Chewie is short for Chewbacca... What is Luke short for?

A stormtrooper

Why couldn't Anakin Skywalker upload his pics to email them to Padme?

Because attachments are forbidden.

What did Anakin Skywalker get after being boned by the Emperor?


Why did Anakin Skywalker fail as a lawyer?

His arguments didn't have a leg to stand on.

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