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"Hey dad why is my sister called Teresa ?"

"Because your mum loves easter and it's an anagram of easter !"

"Thanks dad !"

"No problem Alan"

Is it just me...

Or are there any other anagrams of "em"?

A kid asked his father why he was giving the weird name Potedad.

The dad said it was an anagram.

"Egocentric" is an anagram of "Geocentric"

I guess the world really does revolve around me...

"Bedroom" is an anagram of "Boredom"

I found that out while I was having sex with my wife

today, i learned that "Donald Trump" is an anagram of "Tan Dump Lord"'s like his parents knew all along

Don't go around telling people what Teresa Ripoll is an anagram of before they've solved it.

Spoiler alert

I've being trying to find an anagram for "sage".

It's taken me ages and ages, but I still haven't got anything.

Don't know what's messed up, that Neandrathal is an anagram of Netherlands

or my spelling ability.

Anagram of "mother in law"

Woman Hitler

What's an anagram of Banach-Tarski?

Banach-Tarski Banach-Tarski

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Son : Why's my sister called Teresa?

Dad : Cause your mom and I love Easter, it's an anagram

Son : Oh wow that's pretty cool

Dad : I know Alan

A son ask his mother and his aunt Lana about his sister's name

Mom, why is my sister's name Cameron?"

"Well, son, your father loves romance, and Cameron is an anagram of romance. So we called her Cameron."

"Oh, that makes sense. Thanks, Mom!"

"No problem, Alan."

Son: Dad, why is my sister named Teresa?

Dad: She's named after something your mother loves, Easter! It's an anagram.

Son: Thanks dad.

Dad: No problem Alan.

Dad, why did you name my sister Teresa?

Dad: because your mother loves Easter, it's an anagram.
Son: oh, okay thanks
Dad: your welcome Alan.

Son:Dad, why is my sister's name "Amy"?

Son: Dad, why is my sister's name "Amy"?
Dad: Because its an anagram for "May", the favorite month of your mother.
Son: Thanks for the help ,dad.
Dad: No problem, Alan.

Q. Dad, why did you name my sister "Teresa"?

A. Well, son, "Teresa" is an anagram of "Easter", and Easter is your mother's favorite holiday. Why do you ask, Alan?

Happy Easter, everyone.

Son: Mom, why is my sister called Teresa?

Mom: Because Teresa is an Anagram of Easter and we love Easter!

Son: Oh I see. Thanks mom!

Mom: My pleasure Alan.

Why was the dyslexic banned from the anagram contest?

The questions came pre solved.

"Can you tell me an anagram of 'rootworm'?" asked my teacher.

I said, "Tomorrow."

He said, "Too bad, I want one right now."

Dad, why did you and mom choose this name?

"You see Blue, its the anagram of something your mom loves as much as you"
And why is my sister called Lana ?
"For the same reason."

"Graanma! ...

... It's an anagram!"

'Insect' is an anagram to 'Incest' ...

Which is interesting because they both remind me of a creature buzzing through my house all day and all I can think is "I wanna hit that"


"Dad, why is my sister Teresa called Teresa?"

"Well, son, your mum loves Easter and Teresa is an anagram of Easter and so we named her Teresa"

"Thanks, Dad."

"No problem, Alan"

An anagram of "funeral"...

"real fun"

In three seconds, anagram the word SNIGGER into a derogatory term for a group of people based on a distinct physical trait.

The word we were looking for is GINGERS. You monster.

You guys got gmail?

It's the best anagram

son: How did you choose the name Teresa for my sister?

Well it's an anagram for Easter which your mother loves dearly.

Thanks for clarifying Dad.

No problem, Alan.

Kanye West...

Is an anagram of Kenya Stew.

Boredom is just an anagram of Bedroom .

My wife just informed me of that fact while we were having sex.

I was trying to pull a girl in a bar, so I asked her 'What part of my body is as long as your thigh, contains over 120 muscles, and is an anagram of "pensi"?'

It was as she pulled my pants down in the bedroom five minutes later that I revealed the answer was my spine.


Son : Dad, why is my sister named Teresa?

Dad: Because your mom loves Easter and Teresa is an anagram for Easter.

Son: Thanks for the explanation Dad!

Dad: You are welcome, Alan!

"Dad, why's my brother named Cameron?"

"Because your mother loves romance and it's an anagram."

"Thanks dad."

"Sure thing Alan."

A boy runs up to his dad and says "Why did you call my sister Teresa?"

"Well son, you see Easter is your mum's favourite thing and it's an anagram. Why do you ask Alan?"

A little boy asks his Dad.....

"Dad. Why is my sister called Teresa?"

"Well, son. Your mother loves Easter and Teresa is an anagram of Easter."

"Oh, I see! Thanks, Dad!"

"No problem, Alan!"

"Hey dad, why did you name my sister Teresa?"

"Because Teresa is an anagram of Easter, and your mother really loves Easter."

"Thanks, dad."

"No worries, Alan."

Dad, why is my sister called Teresa?

Well son, your mum really really loves Easter, and Teresa is an anagram of Easter

Thanks Dad

You're welcome Alan


"Dad, I've always found my brother's name a bit odd. How did you come up with the name 'Orse'?"

"Well, you see, your Mom really loves roses, but we wanted to find a more original name, so we picked an anagram instead: Orse"

"Oh, that's very cool! Thanks, Dad!"

"You're welcome, Lana"

Marisa Tomei is an anagram of

It's a-me, Mario

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