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Operation successful

An older gentleman was on the operating table awaiting a complicated surgery on him and.....

he insisted that his son-in-law, a renowned surgeon, perform the operation.

As he was about to get the anaesthesia, he spoke to his son-in-law.

'Yes, Dad, what is it?'

'Don't be nervous son; do your best and just remember, if something happens to me.........

........your mother in law will come and live with you.'

The surgery was a great success....

During his wife's labour, the nurse came up to them and said, "How about Epidural Anaesthesia?"

Dave said, "Thanks, but we've already picked a name."

A woman was having surgery

A woman was having surgery to have her left leg amputated, due to gangrene. Unfortunately, the doctor mistakenly removed her right leg.

Realising his mistake while she was still under anaesthesia, he proceeded to remove her left left.

Later on, she sued the doctor for malpractice, but the jury did not come back in her favor.

They said she didn't have a leg to stand on!

What's the one thing you don't want to hear while under anaesthesia?


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