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The Best jokes about Amphibian

What do you call an inquisitive amphibian?

One that axolotl questions

What do you call an amphibian in hiding?


What are the chances of familiarising myself with a semiaquatic amphibian to the point of ownership?

My newt.

I just bought a very tiny amphibian for a pet.

It's my-newt!

What do you call an amphibian in disguise?


I don't know, manβ€” you really think an amphibian like me has a shot with the princess?


Where did the amphibian lay her eggs?

Dunno, she frogot.

I've been working on this amphibian joke for awhile but I'm too nervous to say it...'s still a work in frogress.

Any legal experts here?

So there is an expensive international Amphibian Show. You have been preparing for this show all year, and you have one main prize frog and another frog you just have as a backup insuring against the first one being hurt or something. The day comes, but now this first frog gets injured so you are trying to decide in letting the first frog compete anyway, or to use the backup frog. You make the final decision of using the second frog, no backsies.

Are you then committing international insurance frog?

What kind of amphibian is hired to take your car away?


Thanks, HammerElectionBeans for the edit.

What do you call it when an amphibian has inflamed joints?

Rheumatoad arthritis

What do you call an amphibian in a no parking zone?


What do you call an amphibian who catches criminals?

Frog the Bounty Hunter

Why did the amphibian not want to eat raw meat?

He was afraid of getting salamandermonella poisoning.

What do you call an Arabic amphibian?

A sallah-mander

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