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The Best jokes about Amoeba

Why are Amoebas so bad at math?

Because, when they need to multiply, they divide.

Why did the amoeba flunk the math test?

Because it multiplied by dividing.

Two amoebae are floating along in a prehistoric ocean.

Amoeba 1: Weird...I think I just took in a breath of air.

Amoeba 2: Nah. You're probably imagining things.

Amoeba 1: Yeah. False aspirations, I guess.

A case of a deadly, brain-eating amoeba has been confirmed in Florida.

Poor thing will starve down there.

Brain-eating amoeba

You're not you when it's hungry

What do you call it when an amoeba commits suicide?


What is the microbe's favorite country singer? (Original)

Amoeba Mcentire

What scale does an amoeba use to measure temperature.


What's the difference between John Cena and an amoeba?

You can see an amoeba under a microscope.

What happens when one amoeba and another amoeba get along?

They become amo*bae*

What did the Spannish Amoeba said to the other Amoebas?

"Hola Amoebas!"

Amoeba Joke

Person One: What's the difference between you and an amoeba?

Person Two: What?

Person One: A comma.

Person Two: ?

Person One: An amoeba is a single-celled organism with no brain.

You are a single, celled organism with no brain.

Someone once asked me to describe my sex life using an analogy. I compared it to an amoeba.

Because I reproduce alone :(

Riddle me this

What animal is the best example of a split personality?
Answer: an amoeba

An amoeba walks into a bar.

Bartender says, Pay the tab before you split.

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