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I couldn't sleep last night..

.. because I was trying to remember the difference between insomnia and amnesia.

Mess with someone's mind

Make your day more fun by going up
to a stranger and asking "Hey, how
have you been since the amnesia?"

I've had amnesia...

for as long as I can't remember

I've been diagnosed with a type of amnesia where I deny the existence of certain 80s bands.

There is no cure.

You know what they say about amnesia...

No, really. Do you know?

I think my wife is suffering from Bulimic Amnesia

She keeps eating and eating and eating, and then forgetting to throw up

Man walks into a restaurant

Waiter welcomes him and says:
"Hello sir, all our tables are full so you might have to wait for about 30 minutes".
"Do you know who I am?" the man replies.
"Oh, of course, I'm sorry, we'll get you a table anyways." says the waiter.

After the man has eaten his meal, waiter brings him the check and says:

"I hope you enjoyed the meal, here's the check."
"Do you know who I am?!" replies the man again.
In frustration the waiter takes the check back and says:
"Certainly sir, it's on the house."

In confusion the man walks out of the restaurant and thinks himself "Can anyone ever help me with my amnesia?"

One day, Rihanna has amnesia and can't remember anything. She's asked, "What do you think of Chris Brown?"

She replies: "Beats me".

A guy goes to the doctor to cure his amnesia

And asks, "doctor what should I do?"

Doctor replies, "pay me first."

An Amnesiac Walks Into…

An amnesiac walks into a bar. He goes up to a beautiful blonde and says, So, do I come here often?

An amnesiac walks into a bar

He goes up to a beautiful blonde and says, "So, do I come here often?"

An amnesiac walks into a bar. He saddles up to the hottest woman there and says...

..."so, do I come here often?"

Oldie but a goodie.

How many amnesiacs does it take to change a light bulb?

How many amnesiacs does it take to change a light bulb?

I used to have terrible amnesia.

I used to have terrible amnesia.

An Italian man with spells of amnesia goes into a boutique coffee shop...

The barista asked what he wants, and he replies "Affogato".

How do you host an amnesia support group on a budget?

The moment they show up, tell them the meeting went great and their speech was inspiring.

An amnesiac walks into a bar.

I forgot the rest.

I've just been diagnosed with a rare form of amnesia where I can't remember a small amount of 80's music bands.

Unfortunately there is no cure.

Doctor: Sir, I think you are suffering from amnesia

Man: Yeah, and I think that girl over there likes me
Doc: Yeah, she's your wife

After he fell off the wall, Humpty Dumpty fell on hard times....

He couldn't get his life together. Humpty didn't remember eggsactly what happened. He was diagnosed with amnesia and his memories were scrambled from that moment. Humpty walked out of the hospital he was all yolked up and crying. He fell to drugs and became a crack head. Humpty became a true shell of himself before he went to rehab. It was difficult for him since people were hard boiling him with questions about his state of mind. Humpty couldn't take all this stress and he started to mentally break fast. But, with help from a doctor, went back to normal and everything became sunny side up.

What did the arrogant rich kid with amnesia say to the bouncer at a bar?


I stayed up all night...

Trying to remember if I had amnesia or insomnia

Did you hear about the lady with breast cancer and amnesia?

She has mammary problems.

2 years ago, this day, I was diagnosed with Amnesia. This is my story.

A man with amnesia walks into a bar

He goes up to a very attractive woman and says' do I come here often?

A amnesiac woman covered in bruises walks into a police station...

A amnesiac woman covered in bruises walks into a police station. The police are trying everything to learn where she came from and how she got the bruises but with no results.

Finally one of the detectives notices she has a wedding ring.

"Oh! You have a husband! What does he do?"

"I dunno, beats me."

What's an amnesiac pirate's favorite type of flower?


Sexual amnesia

Being new parents my wife and usually have our sexy times while extremely tired. This results in one or more parties not fully remembering the previous nights events. So here is the conversation I had with my wife today.

W - do you remember having sex last night?

M - only the last 30 seconds or so

W - you remember the whole thing then...

I laughed so hard I couldn't even be mad.

The doctor told me I have either amnesia or insomnia

I can't remember which one and it's making me lose sleep!

how can you tell if you have amnesia?

what was the question?

There's this joke I know about amnesia

I forgot it

What are the symptoms of amnesia?

I can't remember

My memory foam mattress broke yesterday...

It has amnesia

My mom says she dropped me as a baby and got temporary amnesia

What a liar I think I'd remember something so huge about my life.

Doctor: sir I have two bad diagnoses for you...

Doctor: sir I have two bad diagnoses for you, one is that you have worst diarrhoea I have ever seen.
Patient: what's the other one then?
Doctor: you also have very bad amnesia, you can't remember anything from last 15 seconds.
Patient: well at least I don't have diarrhoea.

Doctors have discovered that breast cancer may cause amnesia.

After all, mastectomy would result in mammary loss.

Ive been stupid enough to develop amnesia...

I dont know what i was thinking .....

~~*ba dum tissss*~~

I wrote a book on Italians diagnosed with Dementia...

It's called "fogettaboudit"

I also wrote a book about Italians being diagnosed with Amnesia,

I called that one "fogottaboudit"

I've just been diagnosed with amnesia

It's awful, but at least I don't have amnesia!

An amnesiac walks into a bar...

So he sits down next to a smoking hot blonde, and orders a scotch on the rocks. He then turns to the blonde and says, "So, do I come here often?"

I feel depressed because I've been diagnosed with amnesia today.

I guess tomorrow I'll be over it.

I was about to make a joke about amnesia...

but I forgot it.

I seem to keep forgetting the name of the airline that does direct flights from America to Indonesia.

I think its Amnesia.


Condition that enables a woman who has gone through labor to have sex again.

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