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  1. We conducted an online survey.... ...and found that out of the world's population, 0% of people are Amish.
  2. You have to admire Amish people for their great sense of self-derision. You can find tons of jokes making fun of them on Reddit... But you never see one of them writing a disapproving comment below.
  3. Do you know what happened to the man who reported on dangerous weather, but his reports started to tell people to farm? His warnings went amish.
  4. Why don't amish people use electricity? If they had lights they would never sleep with each other

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  1. Why don't Amish people water ski? Because their horses would drown.
  2. New research Shows Amish people have lower rates of cyber bullying
  3. Why should you always invite Amish people to a party? They know how to raise the roof.
  4. What do Amish people call their children? Omelets
  5. What do Amish people call their kids? Omelettes.
  6. Research shows that Amish people have the lowest rates of being scammed online
  7. What do Amish people catch when they start using technology? Mennonitis!
  8. Why don't Amish people fear lightning... They resist electricity.
  9. Where do Amish people go to get medicine? To the farmacy.
  10. Amish people give the best hand jobs. They really know how to churn that butter!

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An Amish man and his son...

An Amish man and his son go to the mall for the first time- they are amazed! All the stores, all the people! But what takes the cake is a strange double sliding metal door with numbers over it. They watch entranced as an enormous senior woman in a wheelchair rolls inside the doors, and they shut almost silently. The numbers blink up, pause, and then back down, and the doors reopen. A gorgeous, much younger women in a miniskirt emerges and walks away. The father turns, astonished, to his son and hoarsely says, "Go get your mother..."

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