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  1. There is rumor of a new "Amish Flu" out of Pennsylvania... the symptoms are low grade fever, and you will get a little hoarse and Buggy.
  2. There is a group of Amish engineers who created the hardware and software for a small self-driving horseless carriage. It's a little buggy.
  3. Why did the Ex-Amish guy not clean all the dead insects off his new car? He was used to his transport being a little buggy.
  4. Excuse me, mister, but why are you riding a buggy? "I'm Amish!"
    "Oh I'm sorry, miss, why are you riding a buggy?"

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Amish Buggy One Liners

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  1. Had to dump my Amish girlfriend.... she drove me buggy.
  2. Why did the Amish woman file for divorce? Her husband was driving her buggy
  3. When an Amish buggy breaks down on the side of the road, who do they call? Triple Hay
  4. Did you hear about the Amish woman? She had two mennonite that drove her buggy
  5. What do you call the front part of an Amish horse drawn buggy? The Yoder motor
  6. Why did the Amish guy return his new carriage? It looked really nice, but it was buggy.
  7. What did the Amish IT guy say about the computer? It was a bit buggy.

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An Amish Woman

Amish woman(riding a horse and buggy) gets pulled over because reflector on her buggy is broken.. cop says, you might want to have your husband look at your reflector He notices a rope wrapped around the horse's b**...… and ma'am, some folks might find that rope offensive . The lady later makes it home and tells her husband about the event. cop says the reflector is busted… and he didn't like the emergency brake neither

A police officer pulled over an Amish couple in a buggy

"Sir, I'm going to need you to remove the strap from around that horse's t**.... That's just inhumane."
"WHAT'S HE SAYIN'?", the old man asked his wife.
"I think there might be something wrong with the emergency brake."

Amish jokes

Have you heard about the promiscuous Amish lady?
She had two Mennonite
I had the Amish flu last week. At first I got a little horse. Then I got a little buggy... but yesterday I got butter

Buggy Ride

An Amish woman is driving her horse and buggy down the road when she gets pulled over.
"You have a broken reflector on your buggy," says the cop. "But, more important, one of your reins is looped around that part of the horse that I can't mention. Nevertheless, that's cruelty to animals. Have your husband take care of that right away."
Later that day, the woman tells her husband: "A policeman pulled me over today for two reasons. First, he said the reflector was broken."
"Well, that's easily fixed," says her husband. "What else?"
"I'm not sure," she says. "Something about the emergency brake."

The Old Amish Lady and the Police Officer

One day an elderly Amish lady is riding her horse and buggy back from the farmers market when a police officer pulls her over for a broken reflector. He gets out of his car and notifies her of it. She replies, "Oh thank you officer! Is there anything else?" So the officer does a routine inspection of the 'vehicle' and notices that one of the reins is wrapped around the horses t**.... He notifies the lady and she thanks him and tells him that her husband will take care of all of it when she gets home. When she gets home, she tells her husband all about the event with the cop and all about the reflector. The husband replies, "That's simple. I can fix that in a jiffy. Was there anything else?" After thinking for a moment, the old woman replies, "I can't quite remember. Something about the emergency brake."

So an Amish couple are in their horse and buggy going down the road during a blizzard...

The woman spots a skunk lying in the road. She turns to her husband and says, "Honey, pull over, he must be freezing!"
So the husband pulls over and the wife gets out and gets the skunk and get on their way again.
After about 5 minutes, she says to her husband, "Oh honey, he is still shivering! What should i do?"
The husband replied "Oh put him up your dress, he'll be warm then!"
The wife complains " Oh honey, what about the smell!"
The husband responds, " Pinch his little nose, he'll be okay!"

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