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If someone on this sub discovers a new type of rock they should name it something funny.


TIL Dolphins deliberately get high on the nerve toxins of puffer fish by chewing on them and passing it around

Talk about 'puff puff pass', amirite?

The Shape of Water?

More like Grinding Nemo, amirite?

Call Me Biodegradable

Bc I break down really easily

2020 amirite

xxxtinct amirite


Charlie SHEENY legs


Rucksacks are some of the most trustworthy things you'll ever own

I mean, they've always got your back amirite


A classic, amirite?

Hitler was an absolute MadLad

He killed Hitler AND the guy who killed Hitler, what a hero amirite?

How do you say Nice in Geographic Coordinate System-speak?

41 degrees North, 7 degrees East. That's a 41 degrees North, 7 degrees east joke amirite??? :3

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