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Knock, knock...

Who's there?


Amir who?

Amir to fix your broken doorbell...

What's a cruelly ironic name for a man with spectrophobia?


Did you know that all pieces of reflective glass are middle eastern?

It's Amir.

Here is a joke I heard from watching Jake and Amir.

A woman is boarding a bus with her newborn baby in her hand. The bus driver takes one look at the baby and says" ma'am that is the ugliest baby that I have laid my eyes on"

The woman appalled at the statement as she should be sits next to a man

The man says that the lady should not have to take that c**... from anyone so he says

" ma'am you go ahead and tell the driver off, here I'll hold your monkey" .

The teacher says to little Johnny, "If you had twelve Mars bars, of which Sanjeet asked for two, Amir asked for one, and Leroy asked for three, how many Mars bars would you have left?"

"Twelve miss."

How does a middle eastern man see himself?


I think I'm becoming a Muslim

Every time I see my reflection, it's like I'm looking at Amir.

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