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The Best jokes about Aminor

What does a pedophile and a guitarist have in common...

They both like to finger A-minor.

Why did the pedophile buy a guitar?

To finger A-Minor.

What is Michael Jackson's favorite piano chord?


What are a priest's favourite symphony...

The ones that start with a#(minor)

Why'd the band teacher go to jai?

Because he fingered A-minor

Did you hear about the pedophile musician?

He only liked it in A-minor.

Why did the chord get kicked out of the bar?

Because he was Aminor

Did you hear about the pedophile musician?

He was caught fingering A-minor.

Why was the man arrested for having his skin flute played?

It was in A-minor

It'd be unfortunate if music was illegal

I'd be in prison for fingering a-minor

Every priest loves the...

...sound of A-minor.

Use only working piadas for adults and blagues for friends.

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