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Any good chemistry jokes?

A ketone and a primary amine walk into a bar and yell "Let's get Schiff based!"

Why couldn't the hemiacetal maintain a healthy relationship with his family?
He wasn't very stable and was never seen without alcohol.

An organic chemist wanted to reduce a ketone, but not the adjacent aldehyde. His partner suggested that he treat the aldehyde with ethylene glycol to form a cyclic acetal in order to protect the aldehyde from reduction, but he did not listen. He proceeded with the reaction, and both the ketone and aldehyde were reduced.
"This sucks," says the chemist. "I really wanted that aldehyde."
His partner says "Well, if you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it."

Came up with two chemistry jokes...

What did one chlorine of CHCl3 say to the other?
Haloform the other side

Ammonia is a very strong base. If you know what amine ;)

"Professor, what organic compound do you need for the experiment, Amine or Benzene?"

- Ether is fine

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