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  1. After a few long years of teaching, my disgruntled french teacher now finally retired Hola Amigo
  2. Mi amigo Jesus is a great work out partner but... He just won't shut up about how he invented *Cross-Fit*
  3. A man and his two amigos came to the gate to the park and then looked at the sign and sadly turned around. It said "no tres passing".
  4. Jesus on his second coming visits POTUS J: God be with you my son. I'm Jesus..
    T: Ok.. So what are you doing on this side of the fence, amigo?
Amigo joke, Jesus on his second coming visits POTUS

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  1. What are Mexican proteins made of? Amigo-acids
  2. After a long and distinguished career, my French teacher finally retired. Adios, amigo.
  3. I found out some sad news today. My German teacher passed away. Au revoir, amigo.
  4. What do you call a mexican protein? Amigo Acid
  5. I said Jesus take the wheel. He said I no have license, amigo.
  6. What does, Preguntando por un amigo, mean? Asking for a friend.
  7. What do you get when your French and Spanish friends mix? Mon amigos
  8. What do you tell a Mexican having a bad day? Sorry amigo, it's nacho day.
  9. Why is the rap group Migos called Migos? Because they're all aMigos
  10. What do Spanish people call their young Jewish friends? Amigos Menorahs.
  11. El Humpty Dumpty Relax amigo, your moment is coming.
  12. Your Ego is not.... your Amigo. . .

Amigo joke, Your Ego is not....

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A man, his wife and his friend just finished diner

"It was absolutely delicious, honey! Thank you so much, princess." says the man to his wife in the kitchen. "Could you please fetch us two beers later, baby?"
His friend says: "It is very cute that you still have nicknames for her after so long time."
The man responds: "Well, I forgot her name like three years ago, so I give her nicknames to cover it up. But seriously don't tell her, amigo!"

So you've all heard about the neutron that walks into a bar, but what about...

A neutrino walks into a Mexican Restaurant. He orders a taco with extra chili sauce. The bartender comes up to his table with a taco and a gigantic bottle of super-hot chili sauce. He opens the taco, starts pouring sauce and asks:
"So how much salsa do you want, amigo?"
The neutrino answers:

Amigo joke, Jesus on his second coming visits POTUS

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