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After a long and distinguished career, my French teacher finally retired.

Adios, amigo.

I found out some sad news today. My German teacher passed away.

Au revoir, amigo.

What do you call a mexican protein?

Amigo Acid

A man, his wife and his friend just finished diner

"It was absolutely delicious, honey! Thank you so much, princess." says the man to his wife in the kitchen. "Could you please fetch us two beers later, baby?"

His friend says: "It is very cute that you still have nicknames for her after so long time."

The man responds: "Well, I forgot her name like three years ago, so I give her nicknames to cover it up. But seriously don't tell her, amigo!"

I said Jesus take the wheel.

He said I no have license, amigo.

What does, Preguntando por un amigo, mean?

Asking for a friend.

"So JosΓ©, how was America?"

"Oh it was wonderful, amigo, those Americans are so kind. I went to go watch a real American baseball game but the tickets were all sold out. Feeling bummed out I walked around the side of the stadium when I saw a flag pole right next to the field! I climbed right up it and could see the whole baseball diamond with the players getting ready for the game."

"You had to watch from a flag pole? I thought you said the Americans were nice."

"Oh they are amigo! Before the game began every American stood up, looked right at me, and hollered, "JosΓ©, can you see?"

After a few long years of teaching, my disgruntled french teacher now finally retired

Hola Amigo

What do you tell a Mexican having a bad day?

Sorry amigo, it's nacho day.

Mi amigo Jesus is a great work out partner but...

He just won't shut up about how he invented *Cross-Fit*

Jesus on his second coming visits POTUS

J: God be with you my son. I'm Jesus..

T: Ok.. So what are you doing on this side of the fence, amigo?

Use only working piadas for adults and blagues for friends.

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