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Americas curve is flattening alright.

Just vertically instead of horizontally.

Americas covid numbers are only because the population is so dense

There are also a lot of people in certain locations

What's with everyone being scared of clowns recently?

Americas already got two running for president.

Why were the indigenous the first people in the Americas?

Because they made reservations.

There's a lot of political turmoil in the Americas at the moment.

Even in Panama there's a big divide.

The most important quality for Americas leadership.

America needs a hero who Ken Bone.

What did one cracker say to the other?

"Let's conquer the Americas, Africa, Australia, and Asia."

The Zika virus is spreading across the Americas. In other news...

sales of Extra Small Baseball caps are on the rise.

Columbus didn't get to India because he was dis-Oriented

He found the Americas by Occident.

A schoolboy is learning about the native peoples of the Americas when he asked his teacher, How would you describe Native American sex?

The teacher replied, In tents.

How did Columbus greet the Native Americans when he first landed in the Americas?

With new diseases.

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What is about to be S. Americas new national sport

Body Surfing

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