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The Best jokes about Americano

An etymologist, an entomologist, and an etiologist walk into a bar.

"What'll it be?" The bartender asks.

"I'll have a beer," the etymologist says. "A word which comes from Latin *bibere*, meaning "to drink".

"I'll have an Americano," the entomologist says. "It was originally dyed with crushed beetles!"

The bartender gets them their drinks. "And for you, sir?" he asks the third man.

"I'm just wondering how I got here," the etiologist replies.

What do you get when you order a JFK?

An americano with an extra shot

What's the correct term for an americano without cream or sugar?

an African Americano

What will Steve rogers say to order a drink at starbucks

An iced americano for an iced americano

What did Captain America order at Starbucks?

One iced Americano

What's captain America's favourite drink.

An iced americano

Why do you all call it black coffee?

It's not black coffee, it's called African Americano

My boyfriend wanted to roleplay as a barista

I ordered a long black but he gave me a short americano

What's Captain America's favorite coffee?

Iced Americano

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