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What do South American governments and internal combustion engines have in common?

Both are measured in revolutions per minute.

On the subject of American independence, did you know that the Revolution was initially viewed as a breach of contract?

They heard that the Americans violated the teas and seas.

Did you know George III never even bothered to leave his couch during the American Revolution?

He was sofa king comfortable.

Why were the first soliders ready to enter a battle in the American Revolution so bad in bed?

They were all minutemen.

What type of colonists were the funniest in the American Revolution?


After the American Revolution, Thomas Paine celebrates by purchasing a new pair of shoes.

He declares that these are the times to try men's soles.

What did they cal the museums they put Loyalists in after the American Revolution?


American, English and Russian governments...

American, English and Russian governments passed laws about mandatory r**... of every citizen on Saturdays.
Americans made a revolution, Brits reelected their parliament and Russians began queing on Fridays evening not to waste the whole weekend.

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