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An American, a Briton, and a North Korean look at a picture of Adam and Eve

An American, a Briton, and a North Korean look at a picture of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden and try to figure out what nationality they are.
The American says, "Look at how free and independent they are, they must be Americans."
The Briton says, "What are you talking about, look at how calm and reserved they are, the are obviously British."
The North Korean says, "You two are both missing the point. They have no clothes, no shelter, they only have and apple to eat between them and yet they are being told that they live in paradise. They're clearly North Korean."

On the subject of American independence, did you know that the Revolution was initially viewed as a breach of contract?

They heard that the Americans violated the teas and seas.

Why are there no knock-knock jokes about America?

Because freedom rings!
Happy independence day my fellow Americans!

What type of dance did the American colonists like?


I want to take the opportunity to thank France for supporting American independence

If it wasn't for the French, America would be speaking English right now

"We hold these truths to be self evident,..." It's no wonder so many Americans still lack regard for what's in the Declaration of Independence:

It was written by British subjects.

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