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  1. You always claim Germans don't have humour, but we have. It's just like healthcare. Most Americans don't get it.
  2. You can tell that Wolverine is a canadian character written by an American His superpower is healthcare
  3. What would you call someone with the power to heal others but chooses to be evil? The American Healthcare System
  4. Americans have a terrible sense of humour I mean, their healthcare is a joke and most of them don't even get it.
  5. I had my wife dress as a nurse and get on top last night. That's the closest to healthcare coverage I've had since I was 26.
    cries in American
  6. Wanna hear a joke about free healthcare? Oh, your American? Never mind , you wouldn't get it.
  7. If the NSA built the website for healthcare... Americans would have been signed up before they knew it...
  8. A joke about world-geography is kind of like healthcare ... Lots of Americans just won't get it.
  9. I keep trying to tell Americans a joke about universal healthcare But they just don't get it
  10. Personally, I don't get why people complain about American Healthcare It ranked 3rd in North America

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  1. German humor is like healthcare Many Americans simply don't get it
  2. I have a joke about universal healthcare but americans wont get it.
  3. What's the similarity between free healthcare and good jokes? Americans don't get them.
  4. Americans won't get this Free healthcare
  5. I'd tell you a joke about healthcare... ...but the Americans would struggle to get it.
  6. Do you wanna hear a joke? The American healthcare system.
  7. What do you call the American healthcare plan for poor people? Death.
  8. Americans may not get this... Healthcare
  9. The American healthcare system...
  10. How do you take away Americans' guns? Easy, just call it "healthcare"

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George W Bush, Barack Obama, and Trump all die and go to heaven.

Upon arriving, God asks them respectively what they believe in.
Bush said he believes in American exceptionalism, the right to bear arms, and the free market.
God said alright, you can take this seat to my right.
Obama said he believes in everyone having Healthcare, equal rights for all, and sustainability.
God invited him to take the seat to His left.
Trump said "I believe you're in my seat"

A European and an American

European: Wanna hear a joke?

American: Sure.

European: Free Healthcare.

American: I don't get it.

European: I Know.

I was going to tell a joke about affordable public healthcare...

But Americans wouldn't get it.

American healthcare costs are out of a control

A simple double amputation cost me an arm and a leg!

I have the power to heal others. I am a villain. Who am I?

The American healthcare system.

Roseanne perfectly represents the reality of American life

100 million dollars in the bank and still worrying about how to afford healthcare

One of the perks of being Native American is the free healthcare clinics

all you have to do is walk through the Casino.

I was on my phone reading the news waiting in the supermarket checkout line. A dude came up and asked me, what's in the news tonight?

Me: Man who pays no taxes returns to government provided housing after receiving free medical treatment from taxpayer funded healthcare.
Dude: sounds like some libtard b**....
Me: Yeah, here is another - Husband of immigrant woman ignores government health guidelines and possibly infect hundreds of Americans with deadly disease.
Dude: I tell ya. It's always some freaking immigrants... m' rite?
Me: I hear you dude. Who knew Donald Trump returning to the White House from Walter Reed Medical Center can cause so much controversy?