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  1. The German dream The teacher is talking about the American Dream in class and then asks the one German kid if they had a German dream. He responds, "We did, but nobody liked it."
  2. Why do African Americans always have nightmares? Because the last one to have a dream got shot
  3. Talking about the American Dream in a college class and the prof asks: To a student from Germany, "Is there a Germany Dream?" He responded, "There was, but no one liked it."
  4. Michael Jackson is the epitome of the American Dream Only in America could a poor, black boy become a rich, white woman
  5. The Great German Dream. We were talking about the American dream in class and the teacher said to a German boy if he had a German dream. He said, "We did but no-one liked it."
  6. I would never dream of giving up my British citizenship
    for tax purposes I'm an American
  7. In my history class my professor was talking about the American dream. He asked the German kid if they had a German dream. He responded "Well, we did but no one likes it."
  8. Someone started talking about the American dream. Then they ask the German kid if there was a German Dream. He said "We had one but no one liked it."
  9. What would you call the American Dream if he had an old electric piano? Dusty Rhodes with a dusty Rhodes.
  10. American Dream American is telling a German about the "American dream".
    He asks if they have a German dream?
    We did, replied the German, but no one really liked it.

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American Dream One Liners

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  1. My fellow obese Americans chasing the American dream does not count as exercise.
  2. Canada The American dream
  3. Why do we call it "The American Dream"? Because you have to be sleeping to believe it.
  4. Americans! Chasing the American Dream doesn't count as exercise.
  5. ISIS isn't the organization terrorizing the American dream... ICE is

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The American dream:

To buy a shovel for 2$, to then sell it for 4$. Then you buy two shovels, and sell those for 8$. Then one of your rich uncles dies and you inherit 1,000,000$
My dad told me this one

Why does no other nation have the **American Dream**?

Because the rest of the world is awake!

The "American Dream" was discussed in class the other day...

... the professor turned to the German foreign exchange student and asked if they had anything like that in Germany to which he responded,
"We did, but nobody liked it."

Two poor men dream of going to America

They hear of American food and how great it is and, in particular, the hotdog.
So they work hard and save their money for many years before finally traveling to America. Upon arriving, they immediately run off the boat and to the nearest hotdog stand. Eagerly, they throw their money at the stand and both get their own hotdogs.
The two men stand there for a second, both looking a little disappointed. Finally, one looks up at the other, well, what part of the dog did you get?

The German Dream

A student was listening to his teacher while they prepare to discuss about "The American Dream", the teacher was going around the classroom asking what everyone thought it meant, then the teacher asked the exchange student if they had their own version of "The American Dream" on their country. The German exchange student replied "We did before, but the world didn't like it."

Three Chinese brothers

Bu, Chu and Fu came to America to live their American dream.
Bu changed his name to Buck, went into banking and became very rich.
Chu changed his name to Chuck, got a car dealership and also became rich.
Fu decided to go back to China.

Three chinese men named Hu, Fu and Chu come to the USA to live the American Dream

Chu calls himself Chuck and opens a dry cleaning business.
Hu calls himself Huck and opens a dollar store.

Just Fu goes back to China disappointedly.

Since The Simpson's just reached the 600 episode milestone, I'd like to take a moment to remember it's importance to american history ...

Its unwaveringly realistic portrayal of the yellow people's disenfranchisement while pursuing the American Dream is a testament to our nation's tolerant spirit.

I have a friend from Vietnam I talk to every Friday night

I got to know him really well, he was fascinated with America and had really good English (and a good sense of humor) he told me I don't know what that American Dream is, but I know the European Dream is no America.

The teacher asks a student

Talking about the American dream a teacher turns to the German exchange student and asks if Germany has a dream.
The student says there was a German dream but the world didn't like it.

German dream

A teacher in germany was teaching the students about the american dream. At the end of the class the teacher asks if there were any questions. A kid raised his hand and asks if there is a german dream too. The teacher replies "there was, but our neighbours didnt like it that much"

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