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  1. Jeb Bush just tweeted a picture of a gun engraved with 'Gov. Jeb Bush' with the caption 'America' At least he'll never have to get it re-engraved
  2. America was not shut down properly. Would you like to restart America in safe mode, with free healthcare & without the guns? (Recommended)
  3. I don't understand all the fuss about getting rid of guns in America. Just do what Steven Speilberg did. Replace all the guns with walkie-talkies. Not that hard!
  4. In America, what do you call someone who barges into your house with a gun demanding you hand over your stuff? A police officer.
  5. America has crazed, gun addicted, alcoholic, violent people. What does Russia have? Russians.
  6. In America right now they're are almost as many guns as they're are people. It's ok though, guns are working pretty hard to reverse that statistic.
  7. A man walked into a high school in America. 'I designed my gun so that whenever it shoots it makes a clapping sound.' 'And now,' he added, 'for a round of applause.'

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  1. Why aren't there any guns in Harry Potter? Because Hogwarts is in England not America.
  2. Why are gun laws so terrible in America? Because proposed laws gets shot down
  3. Guns N Rose's are coming out with a new album Their calling it "Make America Wait Again"
  4. Why are gun laws so terrible in america? because they like to bang bang pew pew !
  5. What does the G stand for in United States Of America ? _Gun control_

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I was watching Trump the other day with my dad.

He put his hand on my shoulder and said "Son, once in every generation a man comes to the fore who stands up for his fellow citizens against the foreign lunatics of this world. Get the gun, we're going to America."

Christmas in rural America

I live in rural America. On Christmas morning occasionally I will hear gun shots in the distance. This means one of two things:
1) Someone got a new gun for Christmas
2) Someone didn't

On a dark and stormy night...

...a comet flies past Earth. This comet was enchanted, and after it flew past the world, it caused all statues to come to life, solely focused on destroying every country in the world.
No nation was left safe from this attack. The gargoyles attacked France. The Statue of Liberty led a revolt against America. Michelangelo's David led the charge towards Italy.
As the war of human versus statue waged on, a group went into the United Kingdom, led by the Venus de Milo, intent on overthrowing the English government.
However, as the statues were ready to attack, the British generals noticed something. None of the statues had any weapons! No guns, knives, armor, anything.
After this realization, one British general turns to another, points at the leader of the statues and says,
"Don't worry; she's 'armless."

An American, an Aussie and a Kiwi are in a bar...

... they sit at the bar and order whiskey.
The American picks up his glass, downs the shot of whiskey and throws the glass into the fireplace. "In America, we got so many glasses, we don't drink out of the same one twice!"
The Kiwi nods, downs his drink throws it up into the air and shoots it with his six-shooter. "Same in New Zealand. So many glasses, we don't dare drink out of the same one twice."
The Australian looks at them both, downs his shot, pulls out his gun and shoots the Kiwi dead. "Too many Kiwi's in Australia, we don't drink with the same one twice."

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