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Ambushed my mother-in-law

After visiting our house my mother-in-law got ambushed by 6 men who starting punching her. My wife shouted Are you gonna help? , I said 6 should be enough!

What plant attacks people?

An Ambush ;)

What did the Ents yell as they attacked Isengard?


What did George Bush say when he was fighting in war?

I ambush

Ambush Watch

Down at the Senior Center the other day Joe was telling a tale about his experience in the jungle during his war. It seems that he was wearing a cheap watch one night while on an ambush and it made so much noise that his buddy insisted that he douse the watch with bug spray . . . to get rid of the ticks.

Two ukrainian hitmen receive a job...

Two ukrainian hitmen receive a job to kill a new Russian. He was supposed to come around at 6pm, so they arrive there earlier to set up an ambush. At 9pm the
new Russian still has not shown up. So one hitman says to another, "I hope
he is ok''

What do you call a hedge in the morning?

An AMbush

What kind of blaster would you ambush Darth Vader with?

I would use a sandblaster.

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