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The police, several ambulances and news crews arrived at a car crash. As the police were taking photos of the scene, one of them was being interviewed by a reporter. This was a terrible accident and he wanted to remind people to be cautious:

"Most of these people died because they didn't wear their seat belts. Look at this guy here, he didn't wear his seat belt and he flew through the windshield and his arms are nowhere to be found. Look at that girl there, she didn't wear her seat belt and she's missing her arms and legs. Look at that guy there, he didn't wear his seat belt and half of him is in the car while the other half on the street. Now let's check the other car. See, everyone had their seat belts on and they all look like they did when they were alive."

Why do ambulances require two drivers at all times?

Because they're a pair o' medics.

Ambulances in the ghettos are like


what do ambulances and gay men have in common?

they both take it in the back and go whoop whoop :D

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