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  1. I've spent so long trying to think of a synonym for 'ambitious' that I've given myself a headache. Aspiring?
    No thanks, I'll just get some fresh air, that'll clear it up.
  2. I went to medical school with an incredibly ambitious guy who was obsessed with collecting skulls. He'd do anything to get a head.
  3. There was a young poet called Dinesh There was a young poet called Dinesh
    Who could start but never quite finish
    He began so ambitiously
    Continued deliciously
    Then stopped
  4. I knew a guy back in high school who was ambitiously racist... He was voted Most Likely to Secede.
  5. My cousin was one of the most ambitious people I ever knew. Unfortunately, he struggled with depression. His life motto? "Gosh darn it, I'm going to kill myself, or die trying!"
  6. Why are most Taiwanese people competitive and ambitious? Because of their Taipei personality.
  7. How do you tell if a cannibal chef is ambitious? They always go on about trying to make something of themselves.
  8. We don't serve time travelers here Said the bus driver in the most ambitious crossover event in repost history
  9. Who do you use for motivation when you want to be ambitious? I use h**.... Now that guy...that guy was ambitious.
Ambitious joke, Who do you use for motivation when you want to be ambitious?

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Ambitious One Liners

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  1. Why was the gay man ambitious? Because all he wanted to do was *SUCCEED*.
  2. Kevin Spacey is the most ambitious astronaut... He's going for uranus
  3. Ambitious birds have no teeth They need to s**... seed

Ambitious joke, Ambitious birds have no teeth

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An ambitious Chinese man named Hoo Ming wanted to run for president. He understood the problems that Americans faced every day and so he wanted to show everyone he planned to solve it by making it his slogan...

Hoo Cares!

Ambitious joke, We don't serve time travelers here

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