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So I'm trying to get myself to be ambidextrous.

I'm halfway there!

I hate it when people try and sound smart by using big words.

It just makes them look ambidextrous

That's preponderance.

It's so annoying when people use big words, but not in the right context. They're just trying to be ambidextrous.

I have an uncle who's ambidextrous, but prefers to use his right hand

The only thing he does left is write.

People say ambidextrous people contradict themselves.

On the other hand, I disagree.

I am half ambidextrous

Wich make me bad with both hands

I'd give my left arm

to be ambidextrous.

Ambidextrous joke, I'd give my left arm

I'm lucky enough to be ambidextrous.

It's just a shame I'm a lefty.

Ambidextrous baseball players...

Swing both ways

I'm ambidextrous

Ruinimg my life using both the hands

I would give my right arm

To be ambidextrous

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In an attempt to become ambidextrous, I've been writing everything with my left hand.

After two weeks, it still doesn't feel right.

Did you hear about the ambidextrous golfer?

He swings both ways.

I'd give my right hand

To be ambidextrous

What else was the man with two p**... thankful for?

Being ambidextrous.

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