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What's the difference between Amazon Prime and the Amazon River?

The Amazon River actually has sail.

Yesterday I thought I was in the Amazon river

Turns out I was in denial

"Denial isn't just a river in Brazil."

"That's the Amazon."
"No, I refuse to believe that."

A tourist walks near Amazon river on a very hot day.

It's really hot and he wants to swim in the cool water. He asks a local:
-Are there any crocodiles in the river?
The local guy:
-No, there are no crocodiles...
The tourist jumps into the water.
The local:
-...because piranhas ate all of them!

New Bovine Discovered!

Deep in the heart of the Amazon, we have just discovered a new type of Bovine mammal. Named after the place where they were discovered, the gully bulls make their home in the bottom of a chasm. This Sar Chasm as it is known to the locals, was carved out of the bedrock by the river at the bottom. The gully bulls live at the bottom and their drool feeds the river that turns the wheel that powers the Internet.

A 64 years old male tourist swept away in Amazon river, where did he end up?

Local Brazilian newspaper...

A m**... in South America

A m**... in South America teaches native indigenous tribesman to English language. They paddling on a boat on the Amazon River and the m**... teaches him: "This is a river. This is a forest. These are the trees. There are leaves on them. "
Down by the river they saw a couple making love. m**... blushes and tells to a guy in the boat: They are riding a bicycle.
Native takes bow and an arrow from boat and takes a shoot at guy who makes love to an woman.
m**... is horrified: What are you doing?!?
Native responds: He rides my bicycle.

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