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  1. I was looking for some razor blades on amazon today I assume the ones with no reviews are the best.
  2. I like my men like I like my backpacks Thick and will hold my stuff.
    (Found this on an Amazon review)
  3. When shopping for a vacuum on amazon, never trust a 5 star review. There is no such thing as a perfect vacuum.
  4. How can tell know if the razor blade you are planning on buying is a good one? If there are no reviews for it on Amazon
  5. Amazon Asked Me to Write a Review Amazon asked for feedback on the used telescope I bought from their site.
    I was honest with my review: "This telescope s**.... Two Stars."
  6. Amazon review for 20' rope. **** - this is simply the most amazing, durable, and soft rope ever!
    Last one I'll ever need! - Kate S.

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  1. You know the razor blade works... when there are no reviews for it on Amazon.
  2. I wanted to buy a noose on Amazon... But there are no reviews for it...
  3. You know the knife is good... When no one left a review on Amazon.
  4. Why are s**... kits so hard to sell on Amazon? They never have positive reviews.

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My buddy told me he got laid off from his job reviewing vendors on eBay, Amazon, etc... I said "Sorry to hear that, man. Let's go grab some m**... and we'll tweak out to forget about it."
"Nah," he said. "I don't really feel like it."
"Come on," I urged. "A little crystal will do you good."
"I don't know..." he mumbled.
"Dude, let's get cranked already!" I implored.
"All right, man-- you fly, I'll buy!" he finally conceded.
Which just goes to show, if you want to pick up speed you've got to press on the ex seller rater.