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My wife asked me why I carry a gun around the house...

I told her, "Fear of the CIA".
She laughed, I laughed, the amazon Echo laughed. I shot the Amazon Echo

My son asked me why I was whispering all quiet.

I told him I thought the CIA was listening. He laughed. I laughed. Amazon Echo laughed.

I regret naming my daughter Alexa because of the popularity of the Amazon Echo. So we decided to change her name to something that will never be a popular word.

We're trying to pick between Cortana and Bixby

My parents got an Amazon Echo for Christmas and all they do is shout at it and get disappointed by all it can't do.

I've been replaced by Alexa and it's great.

The Apple iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy S8, snapchat Spectacles, and the Amazon Echo Show all came out in 2017. Who won the year?


My friend just got an Amazon Echo.

I said, "Alexa, hi, how are y--" She said, "I have a boyfriend."

What do you call people who don't understand Amazon Echo?


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