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  1. Sort of clean joke amanda Bynes changed her name to Da Bynes because she's an independent woman who don't need Aman
  2. A Sikh walks into a bar.. and takes a seat.
    Bartender: Are you relaxing?
    Sikh: No, my name is Aman Singh.
  3. My Arabic friend was thinking about throwing his Gillete razors away but decided not to In spite of everything, they're still the best Aman can get
  4. After getting rejected, my sister changed her name to Da. It's cause she doesn't need Aman.

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Aman joke, After getting rejected, my sister changed her name to Da.

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h**... in a bar walks into a bar and sees h**... there.
He goes up to h**... and asks "So how many people have you killed?"
h**... says "I have killed 6 million Jews and 2 clowns "
The man replies "Why did you kill 2 clowns?"
h**... replies "See nobody cares about the Jews"

For someone who's name is Amanda Victoria

A nickname is Manda Tory

Amanda is 21 years older than her son John. In 6 years from now, Amanda will be 5 times as old as John. Where is John's father?

Let M be the age in years of Amanda now.
Let C be the age in years of John now.
M = C + 21
M + 6 = 5(C + 6)
⟹ C + 21 + 6 = 5(C + 6)
⟹ C + 27 = 5C + 30
⟹ -3 = 4C
⟹ C = -3/4
John is -3/4 years old, which is -9 months old.
So, right now, John's father is inside Amanda.

Aman comes home from work and his wife greats him at the door wearing a s**... French maid outfit.

He smiles as he is looking her up and down. High heels and fishnet stockings. Then he says Thanks for cleaning the house today honey.

Amanda: Fred, honey, in your bathroom I found two towels, one with a letter A embroidered on it and another with an F. How thoughtful of you! I used the one with an A, because F is for Fred…

Fred: F is for face.

Hello, I'm Amanda Laurie-Anne!

Mando: Hi. Me too.

Amanda frowned at the man who had just proposed to her.

"I'm sorry Mike," she said. "I just can't marry you."
"Why not?" He asked. "Is there someone else?"
The frown deepened. "Oh Mike... there must be."

What was Amanda Todds favorite cocktail?

s**... on the bleach.

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Why is "Amanda" the perfect name for a trans man?

Because she's a man, duh!