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  1. The term 'Grammar n**...' is outdated and offensive... ...we prefer to be called the Alt-Write
  2. I don't think it's correct to call them grammar n**... anymore... They seem to prefer the label "alt-write" nowadays.
  3. I can't call people Grammar n**... on social media anymore.... Now I call them the Alt-Write.
  4. You know the people who find it very important to correct you when you make a typo? They no longer like to be called "Grammar n**...." They prefer instead "Alt-Write."
  5. I hate grammar n**... But I love the alt-write.
    I'll be here until I start yesterday's hw

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  1. Grammar n**... no longer exist Their called the Alt-Write now
  2. What do Grammar n**... call their movement? The Alt-Write.
  3. Please dont call us grammar n**... we prefer the term "alt-write"
  4. Where do grammar n**... fall on the political compass? Alt-Write
  5. Who do grammar n**... hang out with now? The alt-write.
  6. My English teacher is living proof that Grammar n**... still exist. Sorry... Alt-Write.
  7. What do you call grammar n**... nowadays? Alt-writes
  8. They're really just "Grammer n**..." But the media keeps calling them "Alt-Write"
  9. They're not called grammar n**... anymore. They're the Alt-Write.
Altwrite joke, They're not called grammar n**... anymore.

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Altwrite joke, They're really just "Grammer n**..."