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Altoids has begun marketing to the LGBT community.

Their new mints are bi-curiously strong.

How can you tell when an alto is trying to break into your house?

They can't find the key and they don't know where to come in.

I just learned how to play both Alto & Tenor Saxaphones.

I'm Bi-Saxual!

Que dijo la persona que estaba callendo de un edificio muy muy alto en diciembre?

Feliz gravidad!
(Translation: What did the person falling from the very very tall building in december say?
Happy Gravity!)

What does Altoid mean?

I've always wondered what that word mint

Part of our choir got kidnapped last week!

Two guys just got arrested for grand theft alto.

How many altos does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

None, they can't reach it.

A soprano and an alto are performing a duet.

After the performance, they meet up to talk about how they did.
After some time, they come to a conclusion that they weren't on the same wavelength.

Oh god, someone stole my saxophone!

It's grand theft alto!

Alton towers changed its name!

To leg - go land

Alto joke, Alton towers changed its name!

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Alto joke, Alton towers changed its name!

Alto joke, Alton towers changed its name!