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I used to use the word Alternative in sentences a lot...

But then I learned it meant something different.

Neil Armstrong's Alternative First Words On The Moon

my name is Nell.
i walk the moon.
i see the sun,
the stars and soon,
i say
oh dam.
i say
oh drat.
i say
oh no.
the erf is flat.

Spelling bee

A Nebraska Huskers fan was in the finals of the state spelling bee.
"Okay, your word is 'farm,'" the moderator said to the Husker.
He sat there for a few minutes with a puzzled look on his face. "Um... Can I have a definition?"
"Sure," the moderator said. "It is a plot of agricultural land, used for the raising of crops and livestock."
"Uhhh..." The Nebraskan sat there for several more minutes, continuing to ask for alternative pronunciations, word origins, etc. The moderator was getting frustrated. Finally the huskers fan asked, "Uh, can you use it in a sentence?"
"Old MacDonald had a FARM!" the moderator shouted.
"Oh!" said the Husker.

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