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I told my wife I'm going to arrange the herbs in alphabetical order from now on. She said, Where would you find the time?

I said, Easy. Right next to the sage.

I have CDO...

It's like OCD but all the letters are in alphabetical they should be.

Four surgeons

Four surgeons sit around discussing their favorite patients.

The first surgeon says, "I like operating on librarians. When you open them up, everything is in alphabetical order".

The second surgeon says, "I like operating on accountants. When you open them up, everything is in numerical order".

The third surgeon says, "I like operating on electricians. When you open them up, everything is color coded."

The fourth surgeon says, "I like operating on politicians."

The other three surgeons look at each other in disbelief.

The fourth surgeon continues, "Because they're heartless, gutless, spineless, and the ass and head are interchangeable."

I like to plant my herbs in alphabetical order.

People ask me 'Where do you find the time?'
I say 'It's right there next to the sage'

The obituaries are really concerning me as of late...

People seem to be dying in alphabetical order.

I have CDO

It's like OCD but in alphabetical order, as it should be.

Noticed something very odd when reading the obituaries yesterday…

everyone is dying in alphabetical order!

Alphabetical joke, Noticed something very odd when reading the obituaries yesterday…

So I was reading the obituaries the other day, and I'm really concerned.

People are dying in alphabetical order.

Obituaries are starting to creep me out

People keep dying in alphabetical order

I have CDO

It's like OCD but in alphabetical order

I keep my herbs in alphabetical order. People ask me how I find the time.

Easy! It's right next to the sage.

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I'm making a plan to write all of my friends' names in alphabetical order...

I have a social list agenda.

Doctor, i have CDO

Doctor: what's that?
Patient: OCD, but mine is too severe that I put it in alphabetical order

Things always seem to sound better in alphabetical order...

Don't so think you?

I met a guy who always had to put everything in alphabetical order

He said he had really bad CDO

Someone asked me if I had OCD. So I told them...

I have CDO β€” it's like OCD, except in alphabetical order.

Alphabetical joke, Someone asked me if I had OCD. So I told them...


Does anyone else find it really frustrating that "OCD" isn't in alphabetical order?

I have CDO.

It's like OCD, but alphabetical... The way it's supposed to be.

I can say all the capitals in alphabetical order.....

Capital A
Capital B
Capital get the picture.

[Joke Request] jokes about being first.

I'm sorry if this is against the rules but I'm first to speak at a speech I have to give and I was looking for a one liner I could introduce myself with. It should be something related to being first because my name is Alex and it's in alphabetical order.

My wife has C.D.O.

It's such an extreme case of O.C.D. that it has to be put in alphabetical order.

Yesterday I was saying the alphabetical letters in reverse,

but I hit an old man crossing the street.

Why did the doctor want his list of donors alphabetical?

Because he wanted to stay organ-ized.

I suffer from an unusual obsessive compulsive disorder, CDO

I have to write acronyms in alphabetical order

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