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You always hear about alpha males and beta males, but I'd prefer to be a gamma male

They have a higher rate of penetration...

Guys who call themselves "alpha males" stand true to their name.

They have the lowest rate of penetration.

My wife Mei said to me, "You just rike Trump."

"Confident? An alpha male?" I said.
She shook her head.
"Real-estate savvy? A canny businessman?"
She looked at the floor and sighed.
"Proud father of - "
"No Steve!" She said, slamming the knife down on the counter. "Both roose erection!"

People keep asking me if I'm an alpha male or a beta male...

My name is Charlie ffs.

What do you call the dominant male in a school of fish?

The *Alpha* Beta...

What's the difference between the midget and the alpha male?

The girl didn't see the midget coming.

They say that alpha males are always the ones wearing the pants in the relationship.

Unless of course your a frequent mastur-beta.

I'm not an Alpha OR Beta male so...

...I must be an Omega male because I'm the last guy anyone will sleep with.

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