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Make your next celebration the alpaca-est one yet with these hilarious alpaca and llama jokes. Whether you’re looking for a unique alpaca birthday joke or a fun pun about Rama the llama – these jokes will leave you in stitches. Discover puns about Llama-Cola, alpaca my bags and even Geronimo the alpaca promoting the wool revolution.

Funniest Alpaca Short Jokes

Short alpaca jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The alpaca humour may include short llama jokes also.

  1. The population of the countryside were almost wiped out entirely by a rare breed of ticks that live and breed inside the mouths of Alpacas. The survivors now live in a post Alpaca lip tick wasteland.
  2. What's the difference between your mom and an alpaca? One's a hairy beast that spits and the other's native to South America.
  3. I think I'm about to be molested by an alpaca... Today some guy on the street kept screaming at me to "be ready for the alpaca lips"
  4. Being kissed by a llama isn't the end of the world The way some people go on about it, you'd think they were talking about the alpaca lips
  5. A zookeeper called a coworker at home and said they were out of camel food. The zookeeer at home said, alpaca lunch .
  6. What'd the wife alpaca say to the husband alpaca, when he said, it's cold out? Alpaca coat, love.
  7. I got spit on by a farm animal and thought it was the end of the world. It was just the alpaca lips.
  8. They told me to bring an exotic animal I said alpaca Llama
    They asked if that was a hybrid
  9. I tried eating a whole llama once. I couldn't finish it, so I figured "Eh, alpaca lunch for tomorrow."
  10. What do you call it when alpacas with speech impediments take over Earth? The Alpacalisp.

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Alpaca One Liners

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  1. I got really hungry when we visited the Alpaca Farm, next time Alpaca lunch.
  2. How do camels learn to mate ? They read the Llama Sutra.
    Alpaca my bags, I think.....
  3. What did the one hippie llama say to the other hippie llama? Alpaca bowl
  4. What did the male alpaca say to the female alpaca? Como te llama
  5. My spouse told me to stop making animal puns or leave.. I guess alpaca my bags then
  6. What did the llama say when he was planning a picnic? Alpaca lunch.
  7. If you get kissed by an alpaca it's not the end of the world. It's the alpaca-lips.
  8. What did the mama Llama say to the baby llama as they prepared for a picnic? Alpaca lunch
  9. What do you call a toy alpaca that has obtained enlightenment? The Dolly Llama
  10. What did the animal say when it was told to leave the zoo? Fine! Alpaca my bags.
  11. What does a llama do when it goes on holidays? Alpaca ya bags.
  12. Who looks like a alpaca and drops sick albums in 2017 ...Kendrick Llama
  13. What did the alpacas go as for their group costume? The zombie alpacalypse
  14. What did the one llama say to the other before they went on vacation? ALPACA BAG
  15. I was out to potluck with the sheep family I told them alpaca dish.

Alpaca My Bags Jokes

Here is a list of funny alpaca my bags jokes and even better alpaca my bags puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • What did the male alpaca say when he was kicked out of the house for cheating on his wife? Alpaca bag.
  • A llama walks into her house to see her husband in bed with another llama After a moment of intense silence, the husband gets up and says, "alpaca my bags."
  • Why did the lama get pulled aside by the TSA agent? He didn't alpaca his own bags.
  • My wife is k**... me out because she's fed up with my South American animal puns... 'OK,' I said, 'Alpaca my bags.'
Alpaca joke, My wife is k**... me out because she's fed up with my South American animal puns...

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What did the s**... alpaca say to the other s**... alpaca?

Alpaca 'nother b**...

Alpaca joke, What did the one llama say to the other before they went on vacation?

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