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Oh, Jim...

Jim goes to the Doctors about a rash. "Doc, I've had this rash on my chin for 2 weeks now. I've tried everything; aloe vera, tea tree oil, vaseline. Nothing works."

The Doctor says "Oh I've seen this before"

"You have?"

"Yes. I had the exact same thing last week. I was going down on my wife once a night for a week and one morning, it was gone. You should try it"

"Ok Doc!"

So he goes off and comes back 2 days later.

"Wow, Doc, You were right. It does work. And I must say, what a beautiful house you have"

How do they answer the phone at the burn center?


If olive oil is made from olives and coconut oil is made from coconut what is baby oil made from?

Mineral oil, Aloe Vera Extract, Vitamin E, Fragrance and false advertising.

What do Australians use for sun burns?

Aloe, mate.

I'm sorry

What do you get when you cross an aloe vera plant with a dachshund?

A succuweenie.

What did one succulent say to the other?

"Aloe there"

A islamic dial ripoff made a new type of hand soap.

Aloe Akbar.

What do British police use to treat 3rd degree burns?

Aloe aloe vera

Someone stole my succulent plant.

That was aloe move.

What did the cockley plant say to the other plant called Vera?

Aloe Vera

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