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A college student sends a letter to his folks back home

Dear Mom and Dad,

**$**chool i**$** really great. I am making lot**$** of friend**$** and **$**tudying very hard. My profe**$$**or**$** are al**$**o **$**uper cool! With all my **$**tuff, I **$**imply can't think of anything I need, **$**o if you would like, you can ju**$**t **$**end me a card, a**$** I would love to hear from you. Mi**$$** you guy**$**!

Your **$**on

- - - - - - -

Dear Son,

I k**NO**w that astro**NO**my, eco**NO**mics, and ocea**NO**graphy are e**NO**ugh to keep even an ho**NO**r student busy. Do **NO**t forget that the pursuit of k**NO**wledge is a **NO**ble task, and you can never study e**NO**ugh.

Mom and Dad

What did the moisturiser say to his wife when greeting her at the train station?

Alo Vera!

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