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I've just found out why they call it 'Almond Milk'.

They tried to call it 'Nut Juice' but no one would buy it.

Why do they call almond milk, almond milk?

Because nut juice just wouldn't be appropriate.

Why is almond milk called almond milk?

Because no one can say "nut juice" with a straight face

What's the hardest part about being a vegan?

Waking up at 5 am to milk the almonds.

I switched my kids to almond milk.

Whenever people ask me if I think it's healthier I tell them "Nah, I just got tired of them asking why their picture is on the back of the milk cartons."

Why is it called Almond Milk?

Because no one would buy it if it was called Nut Juice.

I know why they call it Almond Milk

Cause you can't say Nut Juice with a straight face.

Why do they call it almond milk?

Cuz no one can say nut juice with a straight face....

Where does almond and cashew milk come from?

Crazy cows. They have to be nuts.

How do you milk an almond?

You make it nutt.

Why is almond milk called almond milk?

Because nobody would drink it if it was called nut juice.

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Why is it called almond milk?

"Nut juice" wasnt very popular.

What do you call it when you get milk from an almond?

Busting a nut.

God is talking to one of His angels.

He asks, "Gabriel, what are the humans doing down there?"

The angel replies, "It seems that they are drinking milk, Lord."

"What sort of milk?" asks God. "I gave them many animals to drink milk from; the cows, the goats..."

"Um...almonds, Lord."

Does almond milk come from crazy cows?

Cause they gotta be nuts, right?

I would go vegan but

I'm not willing to get up at 4am to milk the almonds.

You know whaf the worst part about being vegan is?

Getting up at 4am to milk the almonds

The hardest part about being vegan?

Getting up every morning to milk almonds

I see plenty of jokes about milking almonds, but...

How do you milk a skim?

Why is almond milk so hard to get?

Because the almonds have tinyyyy n**...

It's called almond milk for a reason.

Try keeping a straight face while drinking something called "nut juice".

Did you ever realize that almond milk lasts four times longer than regular milk?

That's nuts, right?

How exactly do they make almond milk?

It's not like you can extract milk from tiny almond n**....

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